Israeli Ex-Vice Prime Minister: “The partnership with the Emirates is significant”


A few years ago, it was hard to imagine an Israeli Emirati partnership, exceedingly so broad and deep as it is today. Still, the Abraham Accords have changed everything and brought great opportunities to both nations and the Middle East. One of these opportunities is Synaptech Capital.

Synaptech Capital will invest in companies that develop innovative Cybersecurity, Smart City, Fintech, Insure-Tech, and Public Safety technologies. The fund’s deal flow process is already in motion, seeking companies with Exit or M&A potential in the foreseeable future.

“Synaptech Capital is based on partnership,” says former Israeli Minister of Defence, and Former Chief of Staff of the IDF, Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon. “It’s not a one-sided transaction where Israel contributes the ideas, and the UAE provides funding, but a mutual collaboration that creates opportunities for regional start-ups to grow and succeed using resources from both cultures; that is also why we chose to base the fund in Abu Dhabi”.

Mr. Ya’alon is not new to the tech game, having developed from the ground up and implemented high-budget, innovative technological solutions in the Israeli military and security system. As a bonus, the many ties he has maintained throughout his career with officials and key figures worldwide are a force that can leverage any project he is involved in.

Synaptech Capital was founded and is backed by Israel’s Avnon Group, a veteran in business processes and innovative technology solutions. “I found Avnon Group’s extensive ecosystem especially appealing, with professionals who are experts in the fields the fund will invest in. Avnon Group’s in-house services allow the team to develop any start-up and bring it full circle from its early stage to Go-To-Market”.

“This relationship is significant. We are members of the same complex, volatile region, which means we share many interests and challenges – one of them is the need to develop sustainable resources and assets, hi-tech being the main source of long-term investment that can yield income and grow business. And since Israel is considered the Start-up Nation, we have a lot to offer”.

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