Synaptech Capital heads to NYC to raise $100 million from institutional investors from the Emirates, the USA and other global investors


Come and meet in person Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, the Chairman of the Board of the UAE-based Synaptech Capital, at an upcoming New York City investors’ event.

After 37 years of service in the IDF and 13 years in politics, Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, the former Defense Minister and IDF Chief of Staff and one of the Abraham Accords architects, was appointed as the Chairman of Synaptech, the first Israel-Emirati, UAE-based venture capital fund.

Synaptech Capital will raise $100 million from institutional investors from the Emirates and other global investors.

Synaptech was established in 2020 following the Abraham Accords declaration, as nations in the Middle East made a ground-breaking commitment to collaborate and promote business opportunities in the region.

Part of Avnon Holdings, Synaptech shares a common vision; to create, shape and lead the development of new initiatives and technologies that promote technology and economic ecosystems.

Synaptech Capital’s mission is to create a diverse ecosystem of innovative technology companies in the UAE, investing in 20 start-ups in the UAE, Israel and Gulf region.

Synaptech is also establishing additional activities in the UAE, such as SynUP, an Innovation Hub, in close collaboration with local accelerators and incubators.

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