Avnon Group signed an MOU agreement with ADGM, the International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi


As part of the agreement, Avnon Academy will train students from the United
Arab Emirates in advanced training courses and establish its first academic
programme specialising in innovation studies, deep-tech, cyber, AI, blockchain
and disruptive technologies.

The historic Abraham accords continue flourishing: Avnon Group signed a Memorandum of
Understanding with the Abu Dhabi International Financial Centre, Abu Dhabi Global Market
(ADGM). As part of the agreement, the group will establish a first-of-its-kind academic centre
in the Emirates that will specialise in innovation studies, deep-tech, cyber, AI, blockchain and
disruptive technologies.

Senior ADGM management, government, wealth funds and leading business representatives
from Abu Dhabi arrived in Israel for a joint business forum co-organised and a gala event at
the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange conducted to further build on the UAE-Israel economic corridor.

SynUp, an advanced innovation centre established by Avnon Group and based in Abu Dhabi,
will operate the academic programme in collaboration with Avnon Academy, the educational
branch of the group, and with the Academy of International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi
(ADGM Academy).

As part of the agreement, the academic programme will offer advanced courses for
employees who wish to advance, develop, and adapt to the high-tech world (up-skilling
courses) and intra-organisational training for learning new skills (re-skilling courses).
The programme will serve as a knowledge platform for those taking their first steps in the
high-tech fields and upgrading existing capabilities. The fundamental courses will focus on
programming, algorithm, and code writing. The more advanced classes will offer studies on
topics such as cyber defence, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-tech, disruptive technologies
and blockchain technologies.

Avnon Group made history at the end of 2021 when it established Synaptech, the first Israeli

Emirati Venture Capital fund based in Abu Dhabi. Nowadays, the group continues to share the
Israeli “Start-up Nation” spirit with its partners and bring rich knowledge to the international
financial centre in Abu Dhabi.

Tomer Avnon, founder and president of the Avnon Group: “The establishment of the joint
academic programme is another step in cementing and strengthening evidence of the close
ties we have made with the Emirates from the first moment the Abraham accords were
signed. Israel and the United Emirates are countries that have succeeded thanks to their
human capital and the emphasis on education and broadening the mind. We are happy to
share our knowledge as a group and are sure that the dialogue will benefit both parties”.




Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon, Former Israel’s Defence Minister and Chairman of
Synaptech and SynUp: “Avnon Group is proud to cooperate with the leading International
Financial Centre, ADGM. This is another milestone in our fruitful cooperation with the United
Arab Emirates”.

Buky Carmeli, member of Synaptech Investment Committee and former Director of the
National Cyber Security Authority: “This academic programme is a significant step in
technology training. Its purpose is to deepen the knowledge and abilities of young and
talented people from the United Arab Emirates in the high-tech and cyber industries. In our
view as a group, the success of the Emirates is our success”.




Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei, COO of ADGM and Managing Director of ADGM Academy
said: “The signing of this memorandum is yet another step towards exchanging knowledge
and best academic practices between UAE and Israel. By working in close coordination with
Avnon Group, we at ADGM Academy, look forward to developing the first academic program
specialising in advanced technologies that will help bridge the gap between knowledge and
execution in innovation studies, deep-tech, cyber, AI, blockchain and disruptive technologies.
ADGM affirms its commitment to working closely alongside our strategic partners within the
various initiatives and projects that serve the national agenda. Together, we aim to build on
the talent capital, not only to meet the demands of the industries but to also strengthen the
financial stability and long-term economic sustainability of both nations.”