A Special Visit from RMC* Partners at our Offices

In the photo from the right to left: Mr. Robert Laryea, Managing Partner, RMC Management Consultants, Mr. Obediah Ayton, Managing General Partner, Synaptech Capital, Mr. Aviad Grinfeld, Managing Partner, Synaptech Capital, Ms. Stacy Dotan, CMO, Synaptech Capital, Ms. Sheikha Al Mheiri, Partner, RMC Management Consultants, Mr. Hagai Ben Shabat, Business Development and Project Manager, Synaptech Capital, Mr. Hai Yehezkel, CFO, Synaptech Capital.

We were honored to host Ms. Sheikha Al Mheiri, Mr. Robert Laryea and Mr. Ahmed Almansoori

of Recount Management Consultants(RMC*) Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
for a three-day visit and workshop with Synaptech Capital. Our team presented a comprehensive
overview of Synaptech’s vision and our commitment to future collaborations following the
new opportunities by the Abraham Accords. In addition, we took the opportunity of this visit to
present Avnon Group with all its capabilities and subsidiaries. To finalize this visit with some sightseeing,
we took our guests on a day trip to Jerusalem where they had a chance to visit the Holy City and the
sacred sites of all three main religions.