Leading global innovation

Synaptech Capital creates a better future through strong relationships and shared interests.

We bring the world-renowned Israeli “Startup Nation” spirit
and innovative ecosystem to the UAE, empowering the
local technological environment.
Our HQ is located in Abu Dhabi, ADGM.

Our story

The story of Synaptech Capital starts in 2020, the year of the Abraham Accords. As nations in the Middle East made a groundbreaking commitment to collaborate and promote business opportunities in the region, our VC professionals saw an opportunity to do the same – with the spirit of advancing technology “to inspire humankind, maximize human potential and bring nations closer together” in mind, Synaptech Capital’s mission is creating a diverse ecosystem of innovative companies in the UAE.

Utilizing Israeli knowledge and experience in the Startup and Innovation domains to develop meaningful collaboration and create business opportunities in the Middle East.

Our vision
Unique partnerships

Synaptech Capital creates unique partnerships, countless opportunities to grow, and a global support system like no other. Our vast experience in Public Safety technologies, close ties with business professionals in the UAE, and extensive track-record of creating international collaborations facilitate fast development of companies and pave a sure road to success.

Fund rationale

Our unique methodology is based on continuous synergy between business development and technological advancement to scout and locate best of breed start-ups.

A process of establishing a hub for innovation and networking in the GCC, Egypt and Morocco is underway.

We merge technology validation processes with an accelerated Go-To-Market strategy.

Fund rationale
Success stories
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Why Synaptech?

Our professionals breathe innovation, live up-scale, and produce success and growth.

Our leaders have years of practice investing and realizing value with early-stage companies from the “Start-Up Nation”.

A blend of investment experience and Synaptech's operational skills backs companies as they scale up.

We use our unique go-to market strategy in a well established marketing platform.